Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Item post

Item:  I remember a time when SuperBowl commercials were fun, or at least funny.  And weren't all about beer, or the vast anger men seem to feel over the fact that enjoying the benefits of civilization may actually require them to be civilized.  This is a response; I wish I could say "a hyperbolic response" or even "a funny response".  But not.

Item:  It is snowing!  Kind of.

Item:  I have a great deal of work to do.  I don't seem to be doing it. 

Item:  Probably because my gentleman caller reads this blog, I did in fact receive custom software for Valentine's Day.  It was pretty sweet - both the animated heart bouncing around in the little pop-up box, and the fact that he included the source code and explained a little bit about Java to me.  (I also received roses and fancy chocolates and a card with puppies on the front and a romantic note inside, and was taken to a very nice brunch.  This is exactly the sort of traditional Valentine's Day that suits me, and I am pleased that finally I have a gentleman caller to whom I do not have to explain how, actually, this fact combined with my lack of fear of math/science/thought does not result in some sort of unsolvable contradiction.)

Item:  We are all going to think happy thoughts now, about tendons that heal overnight.  

Item:  A lot of people are sick.  I am not sick; in fact I haven't been actually full-blown sick at all this winter.  Possibly this is because there are so many pathogens in my body from the subway and general existence-in-the-city that they have killed each other off?  I'm sure there is something lying in wait to get me sick at a crucial moment; I'm trying to preemptively take vitamins and get lots of sleep, because I know that once I do get sick it will last for weeks.

Item:  This morning I met my next-door neighbor for the first time in the almost four months I've been living here.  By "met" I mean that I know his first name and that he likes women who can wear stylish hats without looking stupid.  I kind of like that I'm always meeting new people and never getting to know them too well; it allows me to sort of reinvent myself, or at least how I present myself, with very high frequency.  And then I get to hear how I sound coming out of my own mouth and decide whether I like it.  It's as if I can be anyone, even myself, if I knew who that was.

Item:  My actual life, and also the limitations of my actual body, are starting to get in the way of my training.  Tomorrow I will do sprints, and that will be fine, but I am a bit worried about when I will be fitting in long runs for much of the next six weeks, and whether I will be able to handle them. I guess I have to follow my own advice on that and stop borrowing trouble from the future.


  1. It would be a very happy thing if sore tendons healed in a week, let alone overnight.


  2. Mine has either healed or has been displaced by my very unhappy glutes and adductors (these are the ones on the inside, I think). Ice helped.